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Troop leverages technology to provide you with a new way to discover and fulfill needs in your neighbourhood.


We'll send a weekly text each Sunday highlighting a local need in your neighbourhood.

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You can fulfill needs by buying it online or pooling your funds with other Troopers. Easy peasy, you just helped a neighbour.

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We'll report back if the needs were met and how the funds were put into action making it easy to measure your impact.

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Here are a few of the amazing, local organizations we’ve worked with:
mom and baby

Keeping Mom and Baby Connected

Amy is a new mom to a six-month-old baby. Life can be hard as a new mom, but it’s even harder if you’re 17 years old, living in shared housing and raising a child alone while trying to finish high school. Amy is working hard to become the kind of mom she wants to be, and with the help of the team at the Parkdale Parents Primary Prevention Program, she’s on the right path.

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The Cold Is Coming

When it’s 20 degrees below zero and skins cells are exposed, that skin and the rest of my body feels damn cold. I’m likely not alone in feeling this, which makes me think a lot about homeless people in our community as I dust off my winter best.
The temperature is due to drop into the low single digits within the next few weeks. Making it just the right time for Troop to help out the members of Sistering, a multi-service charity, supporting socially isolated women in Toronto who are homeless or precariously housed.

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senior woman

Getting By Without a Freezer

The LA Centre for Active Living, a registered charity, has become a haven for marginalized, economically disadvantaged and disabled seniors, aged 55+. Their Food Rescue program hasn’t been the same since the breakdown of the Centre’s freezer in September. Without being able to keep the delivered food frozen, they can no longer accept perishable food items until the freezer is replaced. This creates a protein shortage for the seniors, who rely on the program.

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Why use Troop?

Troop is all about connecting compassionate neighbours with local needs, sourced through established charities.​

Finding Needs

We work directly with the amazing not-for-profits in your community to find out what they need most, so we can share it with you.

Caring Neighbours

Troop does the work finding and signing up the caring neighbours who are willing and able to address the local needs.

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Smart Technology

We find the goods and use simple texts and online processing to make taking action easy.


We want to help improve all the communities we live, work and play in as much as we can.

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Here is what our customers are saying about us:

“We make a living by what we get.
We make a life by what we give.”

- Winston S. Churchill​


Here are the latest updates from our blog:


The Heat’s On

Even though it was snowing in Toronto, Troop members brought the heat. I hit the road to make 15 stops at neighbourhood houses to collect slightly used winter gear for the members of Sistering. The call went out for hats, mitts, and scarfs, what we got was all of that and more! We’re talking jackets, boots, ponchos, sweaters, slippers and even some much-needed undergarments.

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blow it up

We Got The Freezer!

It was touch-and-go there for a while – 24 hours before the freezer need was due to close and we were still only at 42% of our target. This need started on the Thanksgiving long weekend, which means the need had already been running for 9 days – and we were only at 42% of our target!

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