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Troop leverages technology to provide you with a new way to discover and fulfill needs in your neighbourhood.


We'll send a weekly text each Sunday highlighting a local need in your neighbourhood.

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You can fulfill needs by buying it online or pooling your funds with other Troopers. Easy peasy, you just helped a neighbour.

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We'll report back if the needs were met and how the funds were put into action making it easy to measure your impact.

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Here are a few of the amazing, local organizations we’ve worked with:
senior woman

Getting By Without a Freezer

The LA Centre for Active Living, a registered charity, has become a haven for marginalized, economically disadvantaged and disabled seniors, aged 55+. Their Food Rescue program hasn’t been the same since the breakdown of the Centre’s freezer in September. Without being able to keep the delivered food frozen, they can no longer accept perishable food items until the freezer is replaced. This creates a protein shortage for the seniors, who rely on the program.

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black cat

Halloween For All

For most families in Toronto, Halloween is the ultimate kids’ party: costumes, make-up, candy and staying up late – well, that is until the inevitable sugar crash hits! But for some families, the decision to purchase a Halloween costume for one night of fun is a luxury they just don’t have. Kids in these homes often experience stress and disappointment when they can’t participate in a party celebrated in school or daycare and by their friends.

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jumping on bed

Room For A Child

Dawn is a retired Toronto school principal and a reno-fairy-godmother to over 35+ families who have been touched by her organization, Room For A Child. She helps children-in-need who are sleeping in undesirable conditions, by offering free bedroom makeovers! The result is often a transformation that goes well beyond the esthetics of the room. Dawn has three bedroom makeovers coming up in November that she doesn’t have mattresses for.

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Why use Troop?

Troop is all about connecting compassionate neighbours with local needs, sourced through established charities.​

Finding Needs

We work directly with the amazing not-for-profits in your community to find out what they need most, so we can share it with you.

Caring Neighbours

Troop does the work finding and signing up the caring neighbours who are willing and able to address the local needs.

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Smart Technology

We find the goods and use simple texts and online processing to make taking action easy.


We want to help improve all the communities we live, work and play in as much as we can.

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Here are the latest updates from our blog:

bad nights sleep

Kids Need A Good Night Sleep

It was soon into retirement when Dawn realized that she missed the school community, the kids most of all. Over the past 5 years, Dawn has been reconnecting with children on her mission to improve the educational environment of kids-in-need, starting at home. With the help of her husband and now 40+ volunteers, her not-for-profit, Room For A Child, has redesigned the bedrooms of over 100 children living in undesirable conditions in the Toronto, York and Durham areas.

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Yes – Human Trafficking is a Thing in Toronto

Three days ago we set out to raise funds to build 7 ‘comfort packs’ for survivors of human trafficking supported by Boost Child & Youth Advocacy Centre. Each pack would contain a tote bag with a pair of jogging pants, a sweater, comfy socks, underwear, body wash and a $5 Tim Horton’s gift card. How did we get on?…

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