We're a tech company on a mission to change the way we give

As we rely on technology to simplify our lives we trade off on personal interaction.  With the use of services like Instacart to deliver groceries to your front door, there’s no more running into your neighbour in the local market.  Social apps have replaced gatherings at community centers. More often, we isolate ourselves and that means the definitions of community and neighbourhood are shifting.

Troop was built to bring awareness to the needs that go unmet in our own backyard. Not because people are less concerned about their neighbour, but because we are less connected.  If you knew that a boy who lived a block away needed winter boots, but his family couldn’t afford them; or, that the local women’s shelter was in need of new bed sheets, would you help out?  We believe you would… if only you knew.

With Troop, we bring awareness of local needs to compassionate residents who are willing and able to address the needs.  Neighbours sign-up for weekly notifications of low-cost items in need in their local community. We work with established local charities who identify the needs, and through our technology, we make it easier than ever to lend a helping hand to a neighbour.  

If you want to help support those in need in your neighbourhood, sign-up now to start receiving notifications.

Our story

With over 30+ years of experience building businesses in the private sector, including a few start-ups, Kelly Emery and Kelvin Mangaroo, have turned their sights to building compassion in local neighbourhoods.  By leveraging their extensive experience creating technology solutions to solve everyday problems, they believe there is a way to ensure that basic needs within a local community don’t go unmet.

It all starts with a purpose

Now the Kelly and Kelvin team is back together, with a purpose of unlocking compassion in people to build happier communities.  The plan is to start by addressing the simple needs that often go unmet in a neighbourhood – a new backpack for a little girl whose family is dealing with recent unemployment, pots and pans for a mom looking to rebuild her life post domestic violence – simple needs that caring neighbours can help with.  The challenge lies in bringing awareness of these needs to the forefront – a problem this team is happy to take on.

Why now?

Why not now?  The wealth gap is growing at an alarming rate.  In Canada, the top 1 percent of individuals had a median total pretax income of $234,130 in 2015, that’s 6.8 times higher than the median (according to the most recent long form census data via Statistics Canada). In the US, stats on Inequality.org, show that the richest 0.1% take in 188 times as much as the bottom 90%.

There are pockets of extreme wealth and pockets of need in the smallest of neighbourhoods.  How can communities thrive and be happy with this level of disparity?  Now is the time to take steps towards closing that gap.

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