Diapers Are A Crappy Expense

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Back in September we met Melat. She arrived in Canada from Ethiopia seeking asylum. She was alone and 8 months pregnant. The team at Matthew House stepped in and gave her the support and refuge she needed.

That’s when Matthew House reached out to Troop for some help with all of the other needs associated with a baby arriving in a matter of weeks! Within 3 days, Troopers pulled together an amazing baby shower for Melat – kitting her and the baby out with everything from the crib to a new stroller.

Fast forward three months and Melat and her baby girl are healthy and thriving.

Double the babies

Melat wasn’t the only Matthew House resident to welcome a baby in the fall. Another woman who arrived not long before Melat also had a baby girl around the same time. Double the cuteness!

Not only do these moms have the support of a loving community but they also have each other to lean on.

Troop lends a hand

When arriving in a new country, it’s hard enough fending for yourself, let alone an infant. The good news is that caring neighbours come out in spades when a local need presents itself. And that’s just what happened this week!

Troopers raised money to provide these moms with 5 boxes of diapers and a pack of baby wipes. That’s 948 diapers which will provide each mom with the comfort of knowing they don’t need to worry about this crappy expense for 2-3 more months!

A super koala hug for everyone who helped out!

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