Halloween Is Collecting Dust in Your Attic

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hunted house

Halloween is weeks away, but for many kids, the costume hunt and sugar-rush-anticipation has already begun.

This week we asked Troop members for their old and slightly-used Halloween costumes. We’ve heard from members in the past that reaching out for pooled funds to fulfill the need or buying off an Amazon wish list is easy, but members wanna make better use of ALL THE STUFF they already have.

I hear ya! I can’t be the only one with a basement full of boxes that I avoid like the plague. There’s a reason the topic of decluttering is a whole new HGTV category!

One person’s trash is another’s treasure

After a few chats with the amazing people over at Child Development Institute, I learned how difficult Halloween can be for low-income families struggling to afford life’s necessities. They just don’t have the extra cash for a bat-man costume. Given that costumes are just as good new as they are old, I knew this was the week to ask Troop members to pull out those dusty boxes and hand over their old Halloween costumes, so these families could experience the joy of trick-or-treating without the financial worries.

A few more kids will get to dress up this year

Troop offered free pickups and 5 amazing neighbours went to work decluttering. We also collected a whopping $15 in pooled funds and picked up a pretty convincing fireman costume at Walmart.

As you can see, we collected far more than 5 costumes, many of which were brand new with tags still on. A huge thanks to everyone who helped out this week. Until the next need!

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