It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

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7.30am : (the voice inside my head) “We didn’t hit the target. Oh no, we didn’t hit the target. Does that mean no fridge for Victor? I really don’t want to let him down, but what can I do? When I chatted to him last week he said he would be grateful for anything the Troopers could help out with. And heck, 8 people coming together to contribute $175 is still great.”

9.00am : I text Victor to let him know that we didn’t hit the target. He says, “Dats okay I’ll do without a fridge for now.” He was happy just getting some money for groceries.

But I wasn’t ready to give up… Kijiji hear I come.

Well, looky here…

So I reach out:

10.00am : “We’ll do $80 for you…”. BAM! Suddenly we find ourselves in a whole new situation.

Thanks to the awesome Troopers who came out this week. On Monday, Victor will receive a slightly used fridge, new towels and a grocery store gift card. What did Victor have to say about his house warming gifts? “You guys are simply amazing. I truly appreciate it.”

And so the moral of the story… Lenny Kravitz always had it right, It Ain’t Over Till Its over! But this was over at around 10.30am.

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