Nachos Anyone?

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With a chip and dip platter like the one a very kind neighbour donated to the new Arrabon House kitchen, who could say no to nachos?!

This week we set out to stock the newly refurbished kitchen of Arrabon House, a registered charity and group home to women aged 13-24 in Parkdale. Thanks to a grant from Home Depot the organization was awarded a kitchen renovation, including new cabinets, flooring and appliances!

To go with their new kitchen, they figured it was about time to discard their 30-year-old chipped/mismatched/broken/or just plain tired kitchenware.

So Troop put the call out to neighbours and in came the donated goods. We picked up dishes, cups, mugs, salad bowls, serving utensils, a blender, Tupperware (the glass kind too, fancy!), a massive frying pan (with a lid), serving plates, loads of baking stuff (I don’t even know what half of it is used for), a cutting board, a lazy susan (I need one of those) and so much more…

My Personal Favourites

This wasn’t a bunch of throw away, just-take-my-trash-kitchen-stuff either. We’re talking quality stuff here. Take a look at a few of my personal favourites…

This is One of a Kind exhibition show worthy.
I would eat the chips so fast off this just to take in the beautiful art.
That’s a Cuisinart blender in mint condition! These things are like a hundred bucks!

It Doesn’t Even Take a Village

All of this amazing donated kitchen stuff came from seven neighbours. Seven. Two more neighbours pooled funds which went towards purchasing 15 dinner plates for the house.

Seems quite clear that even a few neighbours can have the kind of impact that would leave people sitting around a table talking about it for years to come. My guess is every-time that nacho tray comes out!

Thanks to all who contributed. I’d dine with you any day.

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