Second Only To Iggy

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dog and boy

When I first met with the folks from Boost Child and Youth Advocacy Centre, I left the building with a copy of the children’s book, A Friend Like Iggy. The book is written by Kathryn Cole who spent 13-years as a Boost volunteer helping parents with crisis-support and court-preparation. Kathryn partnered with Boost to publish the true story of Iggy, the Boost service dog who helps kids get through tough times when recounting traumatic events.

“Mommy, why are you crying?”

So, I take the book home and read it to my kids that night. Well, let me tell you, I am now a BIG fan of Iggy and a follower (that’s right, he has his own IG @boostforkidsiggy). After reading about how Iggy helps kids through police interviews, counselling sessions, court preparation and testifying, I get why this dog has over 250 followers. He’s “a friend who helps small people feel bigger and big worries feel smaller.”

I challenge you to get through the story without tears welling up! I failed.

The next best thing to a fury friend

Unfortunately, there are far more instances of kids needing emotional support when dealing with trauma than what Iggy can offer alone. In the absence of a fury friend, sensory tools like weighted blankets, bean bags and compression vests can provide some much-needed relief when recounting trauma.

Hence our call out to Troopers for a Sensory Relief Kit for the Boost advocates to offer the kids they support. And the call was answered!

To the Troopers who helped out this week, I thank you, Boost thanks you and I’m sure Iggy would thank you too!

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