The Heat’s On

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Even though it was snowing in Toronto, Troop members brought the heat. I hit the road to make 15 stops at neighbourhood houses to collect slightly used winter gear for the members of Sistering. The call went out for hats, mitts, and scarfs, what we got was all of that and more! We’re talking jackets, boots, ponchos, sweaters, slippers and even some much-needed undergarments.

Why used is so necessary

At Troop, we make a point of trying to fulfill local needs with used goods. There’s just too much stuff in our landfills (and houses!). It doesn’t make sense for one neighbour to throw something out when another neighbour is in need of it.

Most people (yes, me included) hold on to their unused stuff hoping to have time for a trip to Value Village or to drop it off at a local shelter, but life happens, time drys up and our old stuff collects dust.

Troop offers free pick-ups to help put your used stuff to work fulfilling local needs. It’s cliche, but true, one man’s unwanted stuff is another man’s treasure. Thank you for offering the members of Sistering these new treasures.

It wasn’t all used

Used is great, but for the Troopers who still wanted to help fulfill the need this week but didn’t have old jackets hanging around (the folks with organized homes, obviously) they contributed $115 which went towards a box of 24 new winter hats, 20 bars of soap, and 8 pairs of winter socks. We so appreciate your organization!

Go and chase those waterfalls

As an aside, I thought I’d share a bit more about my ‘opposite-of-a-courier’ pick-up driving adventure. I found a pretty cool app that made my route more efficient and shaved 20 mins off the journey. I quickly made up that time with two unscheduled pit stops (damn mint tea!). The stars seemed to align and parking spots were open right in front of several pick-up locations. I managed two U-turns without stopping traffic (all legal, I’m sure). And I even kept my composure when I tried to replay the Cardigans but hit some button on my GPS and heard “Calculating your new route to New York City.” (wtf?!).

Last year, I never would have thought I’d be driving around my neighbourhood, picking up used clothing from strangers’ houses, but heck, I’m all about chasing waterfalls and forgetting about the rivers and the lakes I was used to. I still love you TLC.

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