The World is Good.

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world is good

If there was ever any doubt in my mind about starting Troop and the impact that a group of caring neighbours could have in their community, well that all went out the window this week.

Let me start from the beginning. On August 28th, Melat arrived in Canada from Ethiopia. She didn’t get a welcome party from family or friends. She only had a small backpack with her and a large belly carrying a fully formed baby scheduled to greet the world in a matter of weeks!

Matthew House stepped in to support Melat the way they do with all of the refugees they welcome into their home. They started down the legal path of claiming refugee status in Canada and lined up at the only doctor’s office in Toronto accepting patients like Melat.

How did Troop help?

It was a conversation with a worker at Matthew House where Troop learned about Melat and her situation. As a mother of two, my mind instantly jumped to all of the stuff she would need in only a few short weeks… the stroller (walks are a must to avoid insanity caused by sleep deprivation), receiving blankets and clothes (the yellow stuff that comes out of them in those first few days is gross, messy and it gets everywhere), diapers (oh so many diapers and wipes)… the list goes on and on.

A baby shower!

She needs a baby shower. And Troop members LOVE to help out neighbours. We’ve got this. And boy did we ever.

In just 3 days Troopers raised $405 in pooled funds + $246.04 worth of items were purchased from the Amazon wish list + 3 pickups were registered for donated items, including a baby crib and an armchair with a stool!  The total estimated value for everything is over $900! 

Baby shower gifts

Thank goodness for our Ford Focus.

After three pickups and two attempts at packing and unpacking the car to make it all fit, we succeeded in getting it all in! Just barely…

packed car

Matthew House and Melat, here we come!

We met with Melat and some of the amazing workers at Matthew House when we arrived. The unloading began and we snapped a few photos. Melat kindly requested that we not share the photos online but was overflowing with gratitude and happiness. The Matthew House team was also very appreciative of the support from Troop members.

drop off at Matthew House
Mojde J. Fard, a member of the amazing team at Matthew House and Kelvin Mangaroo, Troop Co-founder.

This I know for sure now, baby poo is gross (I always knew that), but the world is good. Thank you to the amazing Troop members for being so gosh darn amazing.

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