Troop Launches Local Impact Plan for Businesses

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Built on the success of Troop technology for community giving

TORONTO, ON, October 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/Troop, the technology that allows neighbours to help neighbours by connecting charities and non-profits with their community to fulfill everyday needs, launches a new Local Impact Plan, building unique ways for businesses to make a meaningful impact in their community.

Troop technology offers innovative ways for businesses and their employees to create social impact at a local level, with:

  1. Vetted local, everyday needs from registered charities and non-profits,
  2. A digital platform that allows companies to choose local needs to fulfill and track their progress, and
  3. A monthly impact report, including an archive of local impact photos and videos, for companies to see and feel their connection to their communities.

Customers and employees are demanding greater social responsibility from companies. Troop’s Local Impact Plan for businesses is designed to meet this demand by offering companies opportunities to support their local community in a very tangible way, while increasing employee engagement. There is no greater time than now to do something good for those who really need it.

Announcing the launch, Kelly Emery, Founder, Troop said, “Devastation caused by COVID-19 has reached all corners of the world, but so has a level of compassion and connection that we haven’t seen in decades. In the coming months and years, the full force of the pandemic will show its face through a strain on our social services, increased unemployment and a widening income gap. Neighbourhoods will change and needs will grow. Governments alone can’t fix this.  To face this social deficit, it will take innovative ways of engaging businesses and neighbours.  That’s a challenge Troop is proud to tackle.”

Today marks the launch of something good.


Founded in 2019, Troop uses technology to allow neighbours to help neighbours. By partnering with charities and non-profits, Troop is creating innovative ways to engage businesses and neighbours to fulfill everyday needs in their community. Troop makes it super simple to do good. For more information, visit

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