We Got The Freezer!

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blow it up

It was touch-and-go there for a while – 24 hours before the freezer need was due to close and we were still only at 42% of our target. The need started on the Thanksgiving long weekend, which means it had already been running for 9 days – and we were only at 42% of our target!

On Tuesday afternoon, I gave a heads up to Sandra Cardillo, the Executive Director at the LA Centre for Active Living, the organization that needed the freezer to replace the one that broke the previous month. This wasn’t the message I wanted to give… “Although, we didn’t fulfill your need, we still received some amazing donations that can be put towards the cost of a new freezer.” (enter silver lining)

When s*@t happens

For a registered charity, when something of high value breaks, you can’t just buy a replacement. The breakdown of the freezer wasn’t expected and so naturally, the Centre didn’t have the funds in their budget to just go out and buy a new one.

But, a new one was what they needed to run their Food Rescue program at maximum capacity to provide the 300+ nutritional meals to our local seniors-in-need.

Enter neighbours who care

When Troop heard about the LA Centre for Active Living and their need for a freezer, we knew it was just the type of thing a group of caring neighbours would want to help with. Heck, the Centre supports the wise-elder of our community, so when they need the support of their community, it’s only right to act. Like-for-like, right?

And take action is just what the Troopers did. Within a few short hours of an update email going out, the neighbourly support flooded in. Before dinner, the need was met. The freezer was ours! Well, technically it’s the Centre’s, but it sure as heck feels like our win. Troop – 1, Freezer – 0.

None of this would have happened without the amazing Troopers who acted, you know who you are! Thank you! One Frigidaire 6 cu.ft. upright freezer in white is scheduled for delivery next week.

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