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How it works

Troop makes it easier than ever for businesses and their employees to make a difference


Vetted local, everyday needs from registered charities and nonprofits

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Make a difference

A digital platform to choose local needs to fulfill and track their progress



A monthly impact report to see and feel your connection to the community


Check out the Local Needs

These needs are waiting to be fulfilled by caring businesses

View all the latest needs that are ready to be fulfilled 

Benefits of Troop

Troop is a simple way to have a big impact in your neighbourhood

We Find the Needs

We work directly with local charities and nonprofits to show you the latest needs in your community.

We save you time

Doing good and helping out in your neighbourhood shouldn't be a hassle. We make it easy and save you time.

We see your heart

Most companies want to give back to the community that supports them. We help you create local impact.

Even a hundred dollars a month, can have a huge impact on a neighbour in your community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Troop helps small businesses discover and fulfill local needs. We make it super easy for your company to give back to the community you love and to meet the social responsibility demands of your customers and employees.

We feature local tangible needs from charities and nonprofits in your neighbourhood who are doing amazing work supporting marginalized and disadvantaged members of the community.  When you sign up for a Troop Local Impact Plan, your monthly contribution will appear in your company Do Good account. As a team you can easily allocate the funds to the needs you feel most passionate about. This way you get to discover what causes are important to your colleagues and do good together.

Each month, you’ll get a summary of your local impact that you can share with your staff and customers. 

We charge a 20% service fee on Troop Local Impact Plan contributions.   If you have $100/month to fulfill local needs, the fee will be $20.  To receive a monthly impact report, including an archive of local impact photos and videos, for companies to see and feel their connection to their communities, the minimum fee is $75 per month. 

Our fees cover:

  • the cost of payment processing (2.9%)
  • the service of finding and vetting local needs 
  • need fulfillment

Not much!  There are local needs in your community that can be fulfilled for as little as $20!  If you want this to be a team effort, we recommend about $30 per employee or $150 a month.  That way you’ll be in a good position to make a difference in your neighbourhood. 

Yes.  As much as we want you to be a Trooper forever and ever, you can change your Troop Local Impact Plan monthly contribution value or cancel at anytime.

“The team really enjoys being able to support our community in such a direct way. Each month we look forward to discovering new ways we can lend a hand.”

- Leandro Avila, Pharmacy

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