Feeding Our Neighbours In Need

Parkdale Community Food Bank

Each month, the Parkdale Community Food Bank serves 20+ tonnes of food to up to 2,000 people - that's like 5 hippos every month!

The Parkdale Community Food Bank (PCFB) has been providing nutritional support to those in our neighbourhood unable to meet their dietary needs. They do it with dignity and respect for all who walk through their doors. Oh, and they do it out of the pure kindness of their hearts… because the Food Bank is predominantly run by volunteers.

Back in 2007, a bunch of caring neighbours stepped up when the 25-year-old Saint Phillip’s Pantry was about to close, threatening to leave the Parkdale community without a food bank. Since then, the team running PCFB has made it their mission to provide food to those in need, the hungry and the impoverished.

They need over 50 committed volunteers to make the food bank work. And with no direct funding from any level of government, they rely on their partnership with The Daily Bread Food Bank and Second Harvest, as well as support from the local neighbourhood to do their work. Work that is so often the first step towards economic reintegration into the community for the people they serve.

For the next week and a half (that’s right, this need will run a bit longer than the norm given the Labour Day weekend and the busy back-to-school week), we’re helping PCFB by running a food drive. You can pool funds with other neighbours and we’ll do the shopping or, clean out your pantry and put those non-perishable food items to use by registering for a FREE pickup.

Here’s a list of needed items:

  • Canned beans or dry beans

  • Canned & packaged dry soup, juices

  • Canned vegetables, fruits, meats & fish, stews, chilli

  • Halal, kosher & ethnic foods

  • Tomato & pasta sauces

  • Cookies, crackers & snacks

  • Desert mixes, puddings, etc.

  • Condiments

  • Hygiene & cleaning products

Fulfill the need

In pure Troop fashion, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to help out Parkdale Community Food Bank . Here’s how you can help:
  • Pool funds: You can pool your funds together with other Troopers to maximize your impact.  We’ll fulfill the needs and report back on your contribution’s impact.
  • Donated goods: If you’d like to donate any of your slightly used goods that are in great condition, you can register for us to pick them up below.

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Troop Target

This need is now closed


Troopers have

Target: $200

Contributions to date: $200

Save time with a Troop plan

You can set up an automatic contribution with a Troop plan. 
Sit back, relax and we’ll put your contributions to work to fulfill the weekly needs.

Pool funds

In just a few clicks you can help feed your neighbours. Pool funds and Troop will do the grocery run at Freshco and drop off all items to the Parkdale Community Food Bank. There is no fee for this. We cover the payment processing fee, pick up and delivery. We think it’s fun.

Thank you Troopers! These needs have been fulfilled.

You can check out our Impact Update here:

Donated goods

We’ll come to you! Register a FREE pickup and we’ll drive by to collect whatever non-perishable food items you put out on your porch or in your condo lobby. That’s right, you just need to clean out your cupboards and we’ll do the rest. Pickups will take place on Thursday, Sept 12th between 9am-2pm in the Roncy/Highpark/Parkdale/Junction/King West areas… sorry folks outside of the free pickup zone. :(

Thank you Troopers! These needs have been fulfilled.

You can check out our Impact Update here:

More Details: Parkdale Community Food Bank

The Parkdale Community Food Bank is a grassroots organization, founded by volunteers in November 2007, after the threatened closure of the 25-year-old Saint Phillips Pantry. At that time, Parkdale’s food bank was at risk of disappearing.

Located on King Street West in the heart of Parkdale, their philosophy reflects a strong commitment to a client-based model, where respect, inclusion and the dignity of members is their first priority. The food bank uses a shopping system, as opposed to the more common hamper system to maximize selection and respect member’s various dietary needs.
1499 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6R 1A3

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