The Neighbourhood Land Trust

Charity address and neighbourhood:

204-1499 Queen Street West


We Operate A Community Land Trust (Clt) In The Parkdale Neighbourhood Of Toronto. Between July 21St 2017 And December 31St 2017, 46 Volunteers Contributed To Nlt’S Activities Through The Board And Or Committee’S. We Obtain, Maintain And Provide Real Property To Qualified Charities To Undertake Community Economic Development, Affordable Housing, Supportive Housing, And Environmental Protection And Restoration Programs. In 2017 Nlt Acquired 87 Milky Way, A 7000 Sq Ft. Property That Has Been Leased To The Registered Charity Greenest City To Provide Urban Agriculture Focused Community Economic Development Programs. We Organize And Participate In Lectures And Workshops On Topics Of Relevance To The Relief Of Poverty Including Affordable Housing, Supportive Housing, And Community Economic Development. Between July 21St 2017 And December 31St 2017, Nlt Organized 6 Lectures Or Workshops, Engaging 23 Volunteers. We Conduct And Publicize Research On Topics Of Relevance To The Relief Of Poverty Including Affordable Housing, Supportive Housing, And Community Economic Development. Between July 21St 2017 And December 31St 2017, Nlt Publicized A Study On Rooming House Loss And Preservation Called “Parkdale Rooming House Study” And Commissioned A New Study On Community Agency Space Needs Called The “Parkdale Community Space Needs Assessment 2017”.

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Welfare (Charitable Corporation)

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Headquarters: 204-1499 Queen Street West
Neighbourhood: Parkdale
Number of employees: $6
Full-time employees: $1
Part-time employees: $5
Registered: 2017-07-21
CRA business registration number (BN): 802720235RR0001

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