A Pick Me Up

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Red Door Family Shelter

Meal kits for a family of three

What do you consider a good pick-me-up? It’s something that cheers a person up, makes them happy or gives them more energy. We’ve all had days where everything went downhill before things even started; Feeling frustrated, angry, moody or all of the above, but one small act of kindness can be the ticket to dissolve all the negativity and get back on track.

For one mother and her two daughters, ages 16 and 9, a pick-me-up is something that would go a long way. They experienced abuse from the husband/father and found emergency assistance and support from Red Door Family Shelter. The mother used to work at Swiss Chalet, but because of Covid-19, she was laid off and is actively job searching. Due to her limited income from E.I., she’s been using the food bank weekly.

How you can help

We’re pooling funds together to provide meal kits from the vegan store Sorry I’ve Got Plants. This family will receive fresh, healthy and delicious ingredients delivered to their door to make a whopping 16 meals at a reduced cost. Let’s give them a serious pick-me-up and help them look forward to dinner time together.

$110.00 of $110.00 target

8 Troopers contributed

This need closed:
October 15, 2020

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More Details: Red Door Family Shelter

Since 1982, the Red Door Family Shelter has provided emergency shelter and support for women and children affected by domestic abuse, families experiencing a housing crisis, and refugee claimants with nowhere else to turn. In the early 80’s there was only one other shelter operating in Toronto. Responding to the growing need for shelter space for homeless families, the Red Door was opened in the basement of the WoodGreen United Church by a group of volunteers. They have now grown to be one of the largest family shelters in the city, providing shelter and support to over 350 families every year.

21 Carlaw Avenue Toronto, ON M4M 2R6

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