A teen’s first Christmas - meet Adam


Arrabon House

Your first Christmas is special, especially at 17

“I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes…” Now that it’s December, Christmas really is all around us, just as Billy Mack sings (rather reluctantly) in the modern holiday classic, Love Actually. Having annual traditions like watching holiday movies with a hot cup of cocoa is one of our favourite parts of the Christmas season, and this year we want to help Adam, who is celebrating Christmas for the very first time, to create special new traditions of his own.

Adam (that’s not his real name, but it’s the name he wanted us to share with you) is 17 years old and celebrating his first Christmas this year, which is also his first year living in a group home. We were introduced to Adam through Arrabon House, a registered charity in Toronto helping young women, including youth who are transitioning, ages 13-24, who are survivors of abuse, trauma, and mental health challenges.

Adam’s a pretty average teen – he loves rap and playing the ukulele, and he’s really into Nike shoes. Although he’s only in grade 11, he already knows he wants to become a police officer upon graduation. Like most teens Adam has big dreams and joining the supportive community at Arrabon House has helped him realize his full potential.

Life has thrown a lot of curveballs at Adam, but he’s taking them in stride and has nothing but gratitude for the staff and his friends at Arrabon House. To Troop members, Adam says: “Thank you very much for making my first Christmas special.” Well, Troopers, let’s all work together to start a tradition of Christmas magic for Adam, shall we?

How you can help

Adam’s never had the opportunity to ask for Christmas presents before, so he kept his list small for his first holiday season. You can pool funds to go towards his wish list or purchase one of his dream gifts this year and all items will be delivered to the Troop head office to be wrapped and delivered to Arrabon House in time for Christmas.

$129.95 of $150.00 target

5 Troopers contributed

This need closed:
December 17, 2019

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More Details: Arrabon House

Arrabon House is a registered charity in the Parkdale area of Toronto. They offer support services and housing to young women, including youth who are transitioning, ages 13-24. Many of these youth are survivors of abuse, trauma, and mental health challenges. Through a safe, healing environment, they empower these youth to grow to their full potential and ease their transition into adulthood and independent living. With respect for diversity, equality and flexibility, they help to build healthy relationships and encourage the youth to become full participants in their community. Their mission started in 1973 and has evolved to offer a 24-hour support residential program, counselling, mentoring, and life skills coaching.

Arrabon is a Greek word that signifies a promise of new things to come, of hope. Which is exactly what they provide for the hundreds of youth who walk through their doors every year.
29 Wilson Park Road, Toronto, Ontario M6K 3B6

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