Candies and Toothbrushes



Satisfying the sweet tooth

We’ve all got a weak spot for sweets that needs to be satisfied every now and then. Temptation comes in a variety of delicious forms, and despite the calories, those cravings can turn into an insatiable blood-thirst that must be fulfilled. You can’t trick yourself into thinking those veggies are cookies!

Nellie’s is a 36-bed shelter for women and children who have experienced oppression such as violence, poverty and homelessness, and they’re hoping to get their hands on some treats for the kids. They don’t spend money on items considered “unhealthy,” so it’s not often their families get to indulge in sweets!

How you can help

Once in a while, every kid should get to enjoy a sugar high; we’re pooling funds for chocolates, candies, toothbrushes and toothpaste (because we can’t be responsible for cavities). Let’s give these kids something sweet to smile about with the utensils to make them sparkle!

$22.00 of $100.00 target

5 Troopers contributed

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This need is open until:
October 15, 2020
21 days left

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More Details: Nellie's

Nellie’s supports all women and children, inspiring their belief in a better future, as they begin new lives free from violence and abuse.
They operate a 36-bed emergency shelter in Toronto for women and their children who are leaving situations of violence, poverty, and homelessness. They help women and their children access safe and affordable housing. They offer programs to support and service women and children who have left the shelter and are living in the community, and children programs to provide young ones with social, recreational, and educational opportunities they otherwise would not have.

With a strong commitment to social change through education and advocacy, they strive to achieve social justice for all women and children. The organization is named after Nellie McClung, the pioneer feminist who challenged the Canadian Government in the Supreme Court of Canada to have women declared persons under the law.
754 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1H4

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