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Romero House

Oh Canada! Our home and - very cold - native land!

Winter in Canada can be absolutely amazing…or it can be downright brutal. It all depends on how you’re dressed for it. For new Canadians experiencing our winter for the first time, having warm clothes is crucial. The Romero House is home to some of these new Canadians, people who have claimed refugee status after arriving in Canada. Romero House welcomes refugees regardless of religion, ethnicity, political beliefs, sexual orientation or gender identity. They are currently hosting nine different families from three different continents and six different cities, many of whom are seeing snow for the first time. The group includes 16 children, including one baby and one teenager. 

With the cold weather already upon us, we want to make sure that the children and their parents have the right gear to embrace winter and all of its outdoor activities as a family.  

How you can help

We’re collecting winter items for these families to help them fall in love with the snow, the cold and everything else that accompanies our Canadian winters. We’re asking Troopers to help us provide children’s winter boots and skates, and long underwear and snow pants for adults so that these families can spend time outdoors together.   They’re an energetic group, looking forward to tobogganing and learning how to skate, so we’re aiming for ten of each item.  Being dressed warmly and being able to take part in winter activities could really help make the Romero House residents feel more Canadian.


Fulfill from the wish list

This need is open until:
February 13, 2020

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Donated goods

If you’ve got slightly used snow pants, boots or skates, for kids or adults, register a pickup and will drive to get it (pickups only available in the downtown Toronto area)
  • donation box

    Used goods pick up


    If you’d like to donate any of your slightly used goods that are in great condition, you can register for us to pick them up.


More Details: Romero House

Romero House started almost 25 years ago when a small group, who believed that refugees could be treated differently, took over a refugee shelter threatened with closure. They welcomed refugees to stay in apartments without internal locks, as neighbours rather than simply clients, and set out to help them to establish themselves in Canada and create community together.
1558 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6P 1A4

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