Food During Legal Proceedings


Boost Child & Youth Advocacy Centre

Eating can be such an inconvenience. 

Sometimes, people who can’t afford to eat out, are forced to eat out.  Boost Child and Youth Advocacy Centre knows all about the circumstances that often require young people to pull out their wallets despite their finances.

Often the most financially strapped members of our community are forced to deal with our legal system.  Young people who have experienced violence and sexual assault find themselves spending hours enduring painful questioning from police and investigators.  When that questioning takes place in a courtroom, the days are long and it can last for weeks or months.  It should come as no surprise that the judge doesn’t open his/her wallet and ask if the youth wants Italian or Thai for lunch.  And yet, it’s super important that the survivor stay hydrated and nourished during the stressful proceedings.

How you can help

Boost needs food vouchers to offer the young people they support when investigations and legal proceedings make eating at home not an option.  We’re asking neighbours to pool funds to purchase 20 x $25 Tim Hortons gift cards – making the inconvenience of eating, slightly more convenient.

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You can enter any amount you’d like to contribute. 

This need is open until:
April 10, 2020
11 days left

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More Details: Boost Child & Youth Advocacy Centre

Boost Child and Youth Advocacy Centre believes that every child deserves to be safe. They are dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and violence through education, awareness and collaboration with various community partners. Under one roof, they work with police, child protection, medical and mental health agencies to provide an individualized and child-friendly response for every child who has experienced abuse.

Their Child Victim Witness Support Program (CVWSP) works to thoroughly prepare youth for their role as a witness in court. By teaching children and youth their job as witnesses and educating them about the criminal justice system, they lessen the anxiety around attending court.
245 Eglinton Avenue East, 2nd Floor Toronto, ON M4P 3B7

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