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Goods for abused women

The Coronavirus inspired “panic-buying” across the nation and it was a shock when toilet paper was nowhere to be found. Now we can look back and laugh at how silly that hoarding phase was and hope that shortages like that won’t happen again. There are still no definitive answers on why TP was the hot commodity, but one could theorize it’s because of a$$holes. Luckily, we now have a bountiful supply so our bottoms can rest at ease.

Unfortunately for shelters across Toronto, it still feels like the Costco shelves are barren, and tumbleweeds are blowing past the isles. WomenAide, which is a group dedicated to donating goods-in-kind to women who have suffered spousal abuse, are looking for some extra help. They’ve been organizing drives for the past 12 years, and they are at it again.  There most in demand items – toilet paper, shower gel and feminine hygiene products.

How you can help

We’re asking neighbours to pool funds to top up their stockpile of these highly sought-after items. We can all agree there’s nothing funny about running out of TP, and there especially isn’t anything funny about a lack of feminine hygiene products…period!

$330.00 of $300.00 target

16 Troopers contributed

This need closed:
October 31, 2020

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More Details: WomenAide

WomenAide is a Toronto-based non-profit group founded in 2006. Their mission is to donate goods-in-kind to women who have suffered spousal abuse. Through community partners and passionate volunteers, WomenAide has collected and donated thousands of personal care products to women in need. These goods have been distributed to women’s abuse shelters throughout Toronto.

The products are used in two ways: 1) by families staying at a shelter, or 2) they are packaged in “support kits” to the families that have transitioned out of the shelter in to housing. Either way, they go towards a heart-felt purpose.
14 Herne Hill, Etobicoke, ON M9A 2X1

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