Never Too Old For A Laptop


Matthew House

"You're never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream" - C. S. Lewis.

Some might think that at the age of 59, you’re too old to want for more.  Too old to leave your country in search of a better life.  Too old to start from scratch with little or no support. 

Well, those people obviously haven’t heard the saying that 60 is the new 30, only twice as awesome!  And they certainly haven’t met Wendy, a 59-year-old refugee from Eritrea who arrived in Canada by herself in January (name changed to respect her privacy).      

Although the folks at Matthew House have offered Wendy housing and a big helping hand, this lady isn’t resting on her laurels.  She is eager to help out in the house and has been working hard to learn English since arriving.

Everyday, Wendy and another Matthew House resident, pictured above (well, kinda – privacy respected!), travel to school together to attend their introductory ESL course.  Given that neither can speak English, very few words are exchanged, but the smiles are never in short supply.

How you can help

Wendy wants to learn English as quickly as possible so she can get a job.  With a computer, she can access free programs to help her practice (even more than the 2+ hours of homework she does everyday).  With your help, we can get a fully kitted out used laptop through our friends at ReBoot Canada.

To those who say 60 is too old to start over, phooey!

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March 12, 2020

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More Details: Matthew House

Matthew House has been supporting refugees in downtown Toronto for over 20 years. They offer shelter, settlement support and newcomer programs to help make the best of what is often a difficult transition. They aim to inspire hope, restore dignity and empower independence for refugee claimants.

They believe they can make a difference and they do. Their work has inspired the opening of 10 additional refugee homes across Canada.
981 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1W4

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