One Heck of a Challenge


Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre

Fuel to keep going

We all have our own battles to fight.  Some make us feel more victorious than others, like completing an Ironman, closing a big deal at work, or getting the kids to bed!

Aidyn is a 52-year-old man who’s been staying at the mens shelter run by Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Center for the past seven months.  He recently qualified for housing assistance and will move into a new apartment this month. He couldn’t be more thrilled as he dreams of his daughter visiting from Russia. That’s one major challenge overcome for Adiyn.  But, he still has an even bigger battle to tackle – cancer. He has two types of cancer, and with one at stage four, he knows he’s in for a big fight.

How you can help

Let’s show Aidyn some neighbourly love by sending him fuel for the fight! We’re pooling funds to provide meal kits from the vegan store, Sorry I’ve Got Plants. He’ll get fresh, healthy and delicious ingredients delivered to his door to make meals for a week.  We’re helping out with the grub, so Aidyn can focus on more pressing battles.

$80.00 of $80.00 target

4 Troopers contributed

This need closed:
August 13, 2020

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More Details: Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre

The Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre (CONC) is a multi-service agency in West Downtown Toronto. They provide essential services to vulnerable community members including children, youth, adults and seniors living in poverty. Their services are offered to those lacking food and income security, homeless, underhoused, and experiencing other barriers to living healthy lives and participating fully in the community.

The housing team at CONC is committed to decreasing on-going shelter use by facilitating comprehensive support and community follow up support. They also help clients to increase their income, social inclusion and supportive community linkages, contributing to housing stability. Eighty-five percent (85%) of their clients residing in permanent supportive housing have retained their housing for 1 year or more.
973 Lansdowne Avenue

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