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Room For A Child

If you can dream it, you can do it - Walt Disney

This isn’t the first time Dawn’s responsible for creating the perfect little man cave, a quiet retreat for the mind to rest and dreams to grow, and it certainly won’t be the last.  After more than 100+ bedroom makeovers over the span of 6 years, Dawn Gillespie is always ready to take on the challenge of creating the perfect bedroom oasis for a child in need.

Her non-profit, Room-for-a-Child, receives referrals from school social workers and registered charities.  After meeting with the family and finding out what the child likes, Dawn crafts a design to act as the perfect backdrop for dreams (and homework!).  Over two-three visits, she completes her mission and the child is left with a space all their own – typically kitted out with a bed, a new mattress, dresser and a desk.

How you can help

Dawn has a team of 40+ volunteers who help out with the renos and are always on the hunt for used furniture.  The biggest challenge they face is always the cost of the new mattress.  With another reno coming up, Dawn still needs the new boxspring and mattress.  We’re polling funds to purchase a discounted mattress from Dawn’s mattress supplier and to help create the perfect space for dreams.

$160.00 of $160.00 target

5 Troopers contributed

This need closed:
February 6, 2020

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More Details: Room For A Child

When Dawn retired as a principal from the Toronto District School Board she quickly realized how much she missed the school community, the kids most of all. Initially, Room-For-A-Child was an interesting hobby, a way for Dawn to mesh her love of children with her desire to create positive learning environments. But as the word spread, Dawn’s idea became a Not-For-Profit organization supported by 40+ volunteers.

Over the past 6 years, Dawn has redesigned the bedrooms of over 100 children in Toronto, York and Durham areas. She finds the families in need through a network of principals, school social workers and settlement workers. All of the items for the renovation are donated and 100 percent of the labour comes from volunteers, spearheaded by Dawn and her husband. She has one donated storage unit in Uxbridge, Ontario and partnerships with local suppliers to top up some of the decor items and decorating needs she might have.

She finds joy in knowing that the children she helps are sleeping better because success in school is linked to a good night’s rest.

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