Personal Hygiene for the Homeless

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Salvation Army - New Hope Leslieville

Keeping clean shouldn't be a New Year's Resolution

Of all the New Year resolutions that claim to improve health and happiness, you’d be hard pressed to find one that says, ‘maintain normal personal hygiene’.  That’s a given (unlike the advice to create a weekly cleaning schedule and checklist for scrubbing baseboards and appliances – no one does that!)

The harsh truth is that many of our homeless neighbours struggle to maintain personal hygiene due to a lack of access to such products.  For the homeless men from the New Hope Leslieville Shelter, maintaining their personal hygiene is a luxury, not a given.

How you can help

We’re pooling funds for body wash, deodorant and shampoo to offer our neighbours a clean start to the New Year so they can focus on more important goals.


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More Details: Salvation Army - New Hope Leslieville

The Salvation Army provides shelter to those experiencing homelessness, and more importantly, they offer services and resources that help individuals break the cycle of poverty.

New Hope Leslieville is a Salvation Army men’s shelters. The newly renovated 60-bed facility opened on January 8, 2018 to provide shelter and meals, supportive counselling, housing placement and follow up support services and referrals to employment and rehabilitation agencies for men experiencing homelessness. It is the continuation of 40 years of work at Hope Shelter previously located at College & McCaul.

29 Leslie St Toronto, ON M4M 3C3

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