This Small Fridge Equals One Big Step

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Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre

The first step towards a better life.

Meet Victor.  He’s 26 years-old and he arrived from Nigeria at the end of November last year.  He came to Canada to make a better life for himself.  Back home he was the supervisor of a gas station, but here in Canada he plans to finish school and become a computer engineer.

Since arriving in Canada, Victor has been staying at the Men’s Shelter on Lansdowne run by Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre (CONC).  But not after this week.  Victor has found a room to rent.   He moves in to his new home at the end of the week and he’s very exciting about taking this first step towards his better life.

How you can help

Victor is moving into a small apartment where he’s renting a room.  Through contacts Victor meet volunteering at CONC, he’s managed to pull together a few dishes and a bed.  He doesn’t have much room so he doesn’t need much, but what he does need is a small fridge ($199), a few towels ($16) and grocery store gift cards ($85).  Sounds like the type of stuff a few neighbours can help with.  You can pool fund for us to purchase these needed items for Victor.

open fridgetowelsno frills

$180.00 of $300.00 target

9 Troopers contributed

This need closed:
March 5, 2020

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More Details: Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre

The Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre (CONC) is a multi-service agency in West Downtown Toronto. They provide essential services to vulnerable community members including children, youth, adults and seniors living in poverty. Their services are offered to those lacking food and income security, homeless, underhoused, and experiencing other barriers to living healthy lives and participating fully in the community.

The housing team at CONC is committed to decreasing on-going shelter use by facilitating comprehensive support and community follow up support. They also help clients to increase their income, social inclusion and supportive community linkages, contributing to housing stability. Eighty-five percent (85%) of their clients residing in permanent supportive housing have retained their housing for 1 year or more.
973 Lansdowne Avenue

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