Local needs: COVID-19

 Easy ways for you to support local charities with what they need during the coronavirus pandemic

Sorting out a meal for a refugee group home is a heck of a lot harder today than what it was three weeks ago.  At the main Matthew House residence, refugee claimants from all over the world look forward to dinner time, when everyone enjoys a meal together.  But that’s all changed.  Given the public health guidelines, the Matthew House team is working hard to adapt meal routines to continue supporting their residents in the safest way possible.

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Laughter is The Best Form of Therapy

During these trying times, we offer some light-hearted relief by sharing some of the most comical memes, videos and tweets that have popped up over the past few weeks. In the words of Mark Twain, “The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.” Enjoy.

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Aging hands

Don’t Let Age Hold You Back

J Lo says, “just because I turned 50, it’s not over, we’re just at half-time right now.” Amen. This week, we featured Wozenat, a woman courageously jumping into the second half of her life. As a refugee from Eritrea, she arrived alone in Canada two months ago to embark on a new journey.

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It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

7.30am : (the voice inside my head) “We didn’t hit the target. Oh no, we didn’t hit the target. Does that mean no fridge for Victor? I really don’t want to let him down, but what can I do?” Kijiji hear I come.

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