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Meet Troop

Hi, we’re Troop. We’re all about good intentions – doing good and feeling really good about it. And, we’re using technology to reimagine what it means to do good.

At the heart of what we do, we’re bringing communities together and creating innovative ways to engage businesses and neighbours to give back by fulfilling local, tangible needs.  We build stronger communities through compassion and generosity.

Nice to meet you.

Where purpose meets intention

So, how does Troop work? Together with Troop’s technology and our partnerships with charities and non-profits, we match our community’s drive for purpose to their capacity for all kinds of generosity. This starts with easier ways to fulfill local, everyday needs. And, we’ve made sure it’s super simple to do good:

  1. Troop sources needs from our charity and non-profit partners,
  2. Through Troop technology, we feature these needs and set fulfillment goals, and
  3. Troopers (our caring neighbours and business partners) are notified (via text and email) and have the opportunity to fulfill a local need, if they choose to – be it a refugee in need of a stroller, a local crisis centre in need of a dishwasher, or the food bank in need of more peanut butter (to name a few).

Every week, we release an impact report so that Troopers can see and feel their connection to their communities and all the good they’ve contributed.  

Reigniting the do-good-game

We’re on a mission to reignite the do-good-game. Over the next five to ten years, our charitable sector is facing a shortfall in donations of 30% (Imagine Canada), topped by shrinking government social services and growing inequalities between people. Together with you, our Troopers, and our partners, we want to make an impact by changing the direction we’re headed. Because, at Troop, community is everything.

Let’s make it mean something.  

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Phone: 416-557-2088

Our Press Releases

Troop meets the need for a laptop for a Matthew House refugee
Halloween Costumes
Troopers collect Halloween costumes for Child Development Institute
Troopers meet the need for the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre

Real people, real feedback

What our charity partners think

The Romero House community is so encouraged to see the work that Troop is doing in our community and to have received support from our neighbours. We have always believed that "it takes a neighbourhood to welcome a refugee" and Troop is the perfect example of that. Thank you Troopers!

~Troopers fulfill needs for backpacks and baby items for Romero House

Sistering is so grateful for the support of Troop in helping connect our specific needs as a non-profit organization to local community members who are committed to making a meaningful difference. We especially appreciate the real-time response that Troop provides through direct video and photo allowing Troopers to see the immediate use and positive impact of their generosity.

~Troopers fulfill a need for an electric griddle for Sistering

We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us. You have no idea what it means to get support from our community during these times. It helps our youth to know they are not alone. Thanks again for everything.

~Troopers fulfilled a need for patio furniture for Arrabon House

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